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Siemens Desigo CC Compact

Desigo CC Compact has been designed for single discipline and medium-size buildings but can be extended at any time to extend the functionality and interactions of the various disciplines. Desigo CC Compact supports Siemens subsystems and many communication protocols, such as BACnet, OPC DA, and Modbus TCP, which offers great flexibility plus easy and fast integration of 3rd-party products or systems. Desigo CC Compact allows you to use mobile app and/or web service sessions. All events in the system can be viewed and commanded according to user’s privileges

Desigo CC is based on global communications standards such as BACnet, OPC, Modbus, IEC 61850, SNMP and ONVIF, allowing external applications to read and write real-time data via a REST web service interface. 3rd-party devices using proprietary protocols can also be integrated through Desigo CC drivers. This open platform enables a global community of developer partners, solution partners, independent system integrators, facility managers and OEMs to ensure a dynamic and creative incremental development of building management by gathering information and exchanging ideas, products and services. The Desigo CC Application and Integration Center provides customized incremental development and support, ensuring countless innovations and a shorter time-to-market for new business solutions.

Thanks to its modular concept, Desigo CC integrates one or more disciplines to grow along with your building management requirements. You can flexibly tailor the system to new conditions at any time and gradually integrate new systems. Desigo CC is scalable to suit buildings of all sizes and can also be used for distributed building complexes and campuses. Thanks to its modularity and flexibility, Desigo CC protects your investments and helps you plan the future of your operation. Applications can be extended at any time to increase the functionality and interactions of the various disciplines.

Innovative engineering concepts make Desigo CC system engineering easy and fast. The powerful and flexible library concept, online engineering, tests and simulations minimize project commissioning time and system downtimes. With assisted event handling including a clear guidance of operators – and all disciplines based on the same workflows – training requirements are minimized. Remote access offers further efficiency improvements by allowing building managers and engineers to optimize settings and to monitor building performance, while alarm delivery to the Desigo CC mobile app enables appropriate action –  even when on the move.